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I received my B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Electrical Engineering from Pakistan. Currently I am pursuing my master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.
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Power Engineering Books (Series-01)

Elements of power system analysis by V.K.Metha 2. Power System Analysis by Hadi Sdat 3. Power System Analysis by Stevenson and Granger  4. Modern Power Analysis by Nagrath and D.P.Kothari 5. Electrical Power Distribution system by Turan Gonen Advertisements

Ton Asada Ban na Ban (by Shakir Shuja Abadi)

Ton asa da ban na ban dilbar hay gal safa isan taday hain day goday nal toun ja asan ku ya dor bhala asan taday han asaday dhohain hath hen akhen tay asakun kasam chawa asan taday han rakh ap ghulaman wich “Shakir” ya wach wata asan taday han

Extreme Weakness & Extreme Power (OBMA & NAWAZ MEETING)

Obma and Nawaz meeting in White House seems to me the meeting of two forces; one is extremely week and extremely powerful. One side was powerful in all aspects of life, economy, education, law and order or defense. Whereas other side just symbol deterioration in almost every aspect of life. Mr.Nawaz took the baggage of … Continue reading

Zindagi Mein to Sabhi Payar kiya karte hain

The Bureaucrats

Today was an interesting day, when my opinion regarding the bureaucrats of any institution or government becomes more consolidated. In my opinion the bureaucrats posse real and effective powers. They are responsible for implementing the orders and instructions of their high command. The high command became puppet in their hands. They always speck according to … Continue reading


My dear readers I am writing this article just to make you realize the importance of personalities like Liquat Ali Khan who transformed the dreams of masses into reality. The people always admired Muhammad Ali Jinnah but forget to give the due credit to Liquat Ali Khan for his services for Pakistan before and after … Continue reading

“Sheesha” (Aitzaz Ahsan Ghazal)

Lay ga or kia zalam imthan sheshay ka Onglayon py hery ke ha nashan sheshay ka Pathron say darta hon, andhayon say darta hon Gab say dala ha main nay ak makan sheshay ka By-karan samander main mukhtaser jazera ha Kasthtyan han sheshay ke badban sheshay ka Atizaz yay basti sayay ko taraste ha Saray … Continue reading

Shikwa Zulmat shab se to Kahin Behtar Tha

silsalay tor gia woh sabhi jatay jatay warna itnay to maraasim thay kay atay jatay shikwa zulmat shab se to kahin behtar tha apne hisay ki koee shamaa jalatay jalatay kitna asaan tha teray hijr main marna jaanaa phir bhi ik umar lagee jaan se jatay jatay jashn e muqtil he na barpa huya warna … Continue reading

Zindagi Ke Jitne darwaaze Hain (by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi)

My Favorite Zindagi ke jitne darwaaze hain mujh par band hain Dekhna….had-e-nazar se aagey barh kar dekhna bhi jurm hai Sochna….apne aqeedon aur yaqeenon se nikal kar sochna bhi jurm hai Aasman dar Aasman asraar ki parten hata kar jhankna bhi jurm hai “Kyun” bhi kehna jurm hai…. “Kaisey” bhi kehna jurm hai!!!! Saans lene … Continue reading

Martin Luther King Quote

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

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