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Extreme Weakness & Extreme Power (OBMA & NAWAZ MEETING)

Obma and Nawaz meeting in White House seems to me the meeting of two forces; one is extremely week and extremely powerful. One side was powerful in all aspects of life, economy, education, law and order or defense. Whereas other side just symbol deterioration in almost every aspect of life. Mr.Nawaz took the baggage of worse law and order situation, energy crisis, deteriorating economy and many other challenges as he visited White House.

So there were lot of hopes and acceptations from him but what came out of this tour, except embracement.  The press briefing disclosed the fact the stronger force (Obma) dominated the weaker (Nawaz).  The body language of Mr.Nawaz was defensive. The perception became stronger that he failed to present his case effectively after press talk in oval house.  It is just because of lack of leadership ability.


Here I would like to say if weaker force is used with wisdom the weakness can be turned into opportunity. Leader like Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto turned the table around so many times in his political career. Every time he presented the case of Pakistan effectively on international forums. The way he spoke in UNO as foreign minister was absolutely remarkable. Simla Agreement was also the testimonial of the fact that how a weaker side with able leader can turn the table around.

Concluding I would like say that if our leaders don’t learn to present their case on international arena we could never attain a reputable position in international community. If we will not get the finical independence then we cannot dream for honor from international community.

Mr.Nwaz is third time prime minster of Pakistan but the way he was using notes during press brief was just ridicules. I think Malal spoke with more confidence than him. Final piece of advice of Mr.Nawaz is that he should prepare himself with solid homework so to avoid such embracement in future.



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