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My dear readers I am writing this article just to make you realize the importance omasterf personalities like Liquat Ali Khan who transformed the dreams of masses into reality. The people always admired Muhammad Ali Jinnah but forget to give the due credit to Liquat Ali Khan for his services for Pakistan before and after its existence.

Liaquat was born in an aristocratic family on 1st October 1896 at Karnal. His father, Nawab Rustam Ali Khan, enjoyed the title of Ruken-ud-Daulah, Shamsher Jang and Nawab Bahadur, bestowed by the British government. He was one of the few landlords whose landed property was spread in the two Provinces of India; Punjab and UP. He was brought up in the enlightened atmosphere.

After receiving his school education he joined Aligarh College for his B A. After studying at Aligarh for some time, he joined a college in Allahabad, from where he obtained his B.A degree in 1918. After the death of father he went to England for his higher education. He joined Oxford University from where he did his masters and later on also completed his Bar at Law and became the barrister in 1922.

That was his family and educational background, which clearly indicated that how much rich he was. I don’t waste my energy on writing his services before the existence of Pakistan because those had really been immense and can’t be described in single article. So proceeding article will only focuses on his services after the existence of Pakistan. I will also share an incident which shows the greatness of his character.

l3He was one of the leading Founding Fathers of modern Pakistan, statesman, lawyer, and political theorist who became and served as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, in addition, was also the first Defense minister he was the first Finance Minister of India, and minister of Commonwealth and Kashmir Affairs and from 1947 until his assassination in 1951.

He left everything for Pakistan his status, property, and the life style. He claimed nothing from Pakistani government as remedy against his property as lot of people do. He worked for Pakistan with great commitment and dedication. When he was appointed as Prime Minster the first question arose was the pay of PM. At that time his pay was decided only Rupees ONE.

When he was assassinated on October 16, 1951 and his body was carried to the hospital people witnessed some nu-believable scenes. They was he was wearing torn “Bunyan” under his achken. His socks also contained wholes. After his death people came to know that his account contained no amount. He was also indebted to his Taylor and Grocery store. People were astonished to witness that how person belonging to Nawab family left his everything only for Pakistan.

Once a bureaucrat asked her wife that every person must try to keep some saving for his children; why Liquat Ali Khan didn’t have any kind of saving for his children.


She replied that I had asked this question to Liquat and he said

“I belong to NAWAB family; I have never worn a dress which I once had worn. My family provided me cook, servant and a driver when I was studying in Oxford. I our home either we eat meal or not still it was cooked for fifty to hundred people daily. But when I became the prime minister of Pakistan I asked one thing from myself; whether you accept your lordliness or PM ship. I accepted the later one. Whenever I want to purchase clothes for myself and I asked question to myself; Liquat does your nation also have clothes? Whenever I want to build my house; I asked myself do all the Pakistani people are living in their homes? And when I think to save something for my children; I asked a question to myself, do all the Pakistani people have money for their wives and kids? I found the answer of each question in negation. Then I asked myself Liquat the Prime Minister of a poor country cannot afford to have new clothes, lavish food and personal home for his self. “

That was big change in his personal life after becoming the PM of Pakistan.  Today we need a Prime Minster like him who is free of greed and hunger for power; who work with commitment and dedication for Pakistan.

By his supreme sacrifice, the Quaid-i-Millat earned for himself the immortal title of “Shaheed-i-Millat”.

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