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Weekend Thought

Nations Attitudes

My Weekend THOUGHT

Nations attitudes determine the Nations altitudes

Persons and rulers attitudes played a pivotal role in the progress, prosperity and development of individuals and nation as a whole. After 11th May 2013 it has become very evident that we as nation can’t make progress. You will raise question that why we can’t make progress. This is a very justified question. Let’s began to explore the reasons. There have been many but focus on one only this time “The Attitude”.

We will see that how attitudes change the fate of any nation in the light of some examples as article progresses. After the elections notice the attitudes of winner and losers. Losers are not accepting their defeat with honor and grace. Winners have also put bandage on their lips on such a criminal and horrible mismanagement in all parts of country by Election Commission Pakistan. Winners along with their supporters are abusing and using foul language against losers and similarly losers are using foul language against winners. Justifying a very famous proverb

Tit for Tat

In such circumstances the leaders’ role become very important. But but!!!!!!!! They are not playing their desired role to settle down such foggy issues. I swear to Allah Almighty that with such attitudes we can’t make progress individually and collectively as a nation.

Allah Says in Holy Quran Surat Ar-Ra`d Ayat No 11

“Indeed Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

This was our leaders, supporters and nation as a whole attitude before you. Now let’s analyze the nation which is leading the globe. Observe, how their attitude is making them able to lead the world.  Let see only one example that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama belonging to Democratic Party contested election against each other to get the nomination of presidential candidate. Both debated on TV on policy issues. Criticized each other policies very hardly. But never hit each other’s   personal character and life. After the election Hillary Clinton was declared as loser and Barack Obama was declared as winner. Loser accept the defeat graciously and winner desired to work with loser after the election if elected as president. After the Barack Obama’s victory against the Republican Presidential candidate he selected his opponent Hillary Clinton as secretary of state the highest position after president is USA. This is what you can say a progressive attitude. This is how a nation move ahead positively.

Whenever in any country the top leadership work with positive attitude it is then transformed to the lower level of society. In this way the nation becomes the leader of globe. I have bundle of examples to write on this issue but only one discussed above is enough.

Let me conclude my article with a quotation of Winston Churchill

Attitude is a little thing that makes big difference

The change in our society will only come when we change our attitudes. Long live Pakistan.



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