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Today is an age of intolerance. There is absolutely no doubt that we are living in an intolerant society. Why we have been becoming very very intolerant. Several are the causes and personalities behind our intolerance.We just want from other people to regard our own opinion. We don,t want to

listenlisten we just want to speak. We start speaking loud because internally we know that we are wrong. Loudness dos,t mean the righteousness of our thoughts.  That,s why an English Author said

When a person has nothing to say he start shouting

From personalities i mean some people who don,t have religious knowledge but they assume that there is no big scholar than them. They play with the religious emotions of the people.

Semi Religious scholars are cause of intolerant society. 

An other example that we can observe that our political personalities here in Pakistan are so intolerant that don,t want to sit together to talk on national, regional, and international issues. Leaders led their nation by example.   Nation fellow their leaders for guidance.

Intolerant leaders produce intolerant society & ultimately nation.    

Lastly i want to conclude with final reason,  lack of education is also a major cause of intolerance. Un-Educated people don,t want to listen any one and they thought that their opinion is absolute.

Lack of education is major cause of intolerance

I just want to end with few words that my this opinion is not absolute and you can reject it wholesomely.



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